Frequently Asked Questions

Concierge medicine is a model of care in which members pay an annual fee in order to belong to a small patient panel which enables them to have better access to their personal physician.  What this translates to is that a member will be seen within 1 business day of needing to be seen, appointments run on time, and they will be able to access their doctor by phone or text or email at any time.

Concierge medicine is based on the principle that an upfront investment in your wellness should translate into a reduction in severe healthcare occurrences.

At Alliance, we believe that the concierge healthcare model is the smartest way to deliver healthcare. Our patients wait one business day or less for an appointment, instead of the average 20+ days and they have the opportunity to spend up to 45 minutes per visit versus the typical 13 minutes.

At Alliance, we believe that keeping you healthy is just as important as getting you healthy.  While we are skilled at managing chronic illnesses in partnership with our patients, and treating acute illnesses, we strongly believe that living a healthy lifestyle and addressing factors that can prevent illness are just as important as managing and curing illness.  We work with our patients to determine their specific risk factors for various ailments, then help them to develop a plan to assist them in preventing these issues.

Please call our office at (859)605-3533 to speak with our experienced staff, or visit our SignatureMD website where you can sign up directly through a link.

Dr Palley

Dr Bradburn

At Alliance, we are happy to see your entire family, from the youngest newborn to the oldest member, as well as everyone in between.  We enjoy taking care of all the ages and stages of life.  Children are not charged an individual membership fee, but are included along with a paying parent or guardian.

  • Newborn checkups
  • Well child checks
  • Sports Physicals
  • Adult wellness visits
  • Chronic disease management
  • Acute care visits
  • Preventative care
  • Advanced screenings (including but not limited to genetic metabolic testing, body composition, molecular cancer screening)
  • In office testing
  • In building laboratory
  • Vaccines
  • Integrated EMR
  • Ability to schedule your own appointment online
  • 24/7 access to the doctors via cellphone/email/text
  • Direct access to veteran doctors
  • Easy access to our hundreds of specialist colleagues
  • Visiting allied health professionals
  • Access to special programs and services through our alliance with SignatureMD, including counseling, dietician, prescription discounts.
  • Relaxed professionalism