Who Are We?

We bring to you a combined 40 years of experience in direct patient care, including over 14 years of working together as partners, colleagues and friends.  We were among the last doctors to “do everything” – seeing babies in the newborn nursery, admitting patients to the hospital and managing their care in the ICU as well as medical/surgical floors, along with caring for patients in the outpatient/clinic setting.  We now bring that experience to a new primary care setting where we are integrating that knowledge with extended time visits along with state of the art testing and screening, applying traditional and holistic principles all centered around human compassion.

Our Skills

Working with Adults


Working with Children


Same Day Appointments


Our Doctors

Dr. Eric Bradburn, MD

Dr. Bradburn grew up in what he calls “the teeming metropolis” of Dripping Springs, Texas. He graduated with a B.S. in Microbiology from Brigham Young University in 1994 …

Dr. Clair Palley

Graduated as a registered nurse with a Bachelor in Nursing from Monash University, then she was recruited to work as a nurse in the United States …