Concierge Service

At Alliance, we believe that the concierge healthcare model is the smartest way to deliver healthcare.

Our medical concierge services address the problems with conventional medicine, starting with providing a more personalized, prevention-focused approach to your care.  In exchange for an affordable membership fee, we can provide you with multiple benefits.  You will be able to reach one of us via phone, text, or email 24 hours a day.  You will be given plenty of time during office visits to discuss all of your health concerns and get detailed advice in return.   Most importantly, you will receive a customized wellness roadmap to help you maintain better health throughout your life.

At Alliance, we believe that keeping you healthy is just as important as getting you healthy.  While we are skilled at managing chronic illnesses, in partnership with our patients, and treating acute illnesses, we strongly believe that living a healthy lifestyle and addressing factors that can prevent illness are just as important as managing and curing illness.  We work with our patients to determine their specific risk factors for various ailments, then help them to develop a plan to assist them in preventing these issues

We are proud to announce that our concierge model is rare in that we care for all ages.  Children are welcome and are included within an adult family membership.  We believe that the superior availability will allow the busy parent to get care FOR their children WHEN they need it BY experienced physicians.

Our patients wait one business day or less for an appointment, instead of the average 20+ days and they have the opportunity to spend up to 45 minutes per visit versus the typical 13 minutes. We also believe that the care concierge doctors provide can reduce overall healthcare expenditures.

The longer visits and personalized care plans enable us, your doctors, to better know you as a complete individual.  This alliance between the patient and the doctor, which is centered around modern medicine provides the best care possible.

We know your health is important to you, and how that is managed is important to us.