We are available to you:

Whether by phone, text, email, in person or via telemedicine, we will be there when you need us.

Same Day Appointments:

We will see you now—as in today, or the very next business day, on time.  If you need to be seen, we will be there.

Longer Visit Time:

Expect 30 minute visits for acute and follow up appointments, and 60-90 minutes for an annual preventative care plan visit.

What to expect as a new patient at Alliance/steps to join Alliance:

First, if you are wondering if you fit this model, at our practice, all ages are welcome.  Children are included as part of any adult’s membership.  We believe the superior availability is a big plus for busy parents, taking less time out of THEIR day, and getting care FOR their child WHEN they need it BY their own physician.

Contact our office at (859) 605-3533 to speak with one of our experienced office staff who will help you to sign up or go to our SignatureMD websites to sign up directly online .

Dr Palley

Dr Bradburn

There is an annual membership fee of $1800 which gives you access to this concierge service.  Insurance is still charged at each visit for the services provided at that visit.

Fill out the record transfer form (link provided), and either send them directly to us (preferred), or bring them with you on your first appointment.

Call our office to schedule your initial appointment, during which time you personalized care plan will be initiated (allow 60-90 minutes for this initial appointment).

  • We provide same day or next business day acute care visits.
  • Availability is second to none.
  • Reliable services from prescription refills and returned calls.
  • Direct doctor to doctor discussions with consultants.
  • Advanced screening options that you may not heard of.
  • In office testing for obesity, diabetes and acute illnesses.
  • In building lab services
  • Visiting allied health professionals
  • All with relaxed professionalism

Please call our office at (859)605-3533 to speak with our staff, or visit our SignatureMD website where you can sign up directly through a link.

Dr Palley

Dr Bradburn


Once SignatureMD membership is complete, contact us at:

Alliance Personalized Health Care
151 N Eagle Creek Drive, Suite 410
Lexington, KY 40509
Phone:  (859) 605-3533

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